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Registered SSI unit 1964Nos.
Handicraft 934 Nos.
Agro. industries 129 Nos.
Industrial Estate 1 Nos.
Growth centre 1 Nos.
Commercial Estate 3 Nos.
PMRY beneficiaries 4020 Nos.
Employment generation 9293 Nos.

Fishery: (2011)

Registered Beel/Fisheries 20 Nos.
Un-registered Fisheries 01 Nos.
Fisheries under management of Assam Fisheries Dev. corporation. 10 Nos.
Eco-hatcharies 15 Nos.
Fish seed 2077.29 MT.
Fish Production 15,910.75 MT.

Handloom: (2011)

Extension Service Unit 5 Nos.
Handloom Training Centre 6 Nos.
Handloom production centre 1 Nos.
Cloth production (Annually) 8047.05 Mtrs.
Handloom Distributed 55,520 bundles



Sericultural village 66 Nos.

Production during up to Nov 2011 & Farmers engaged

Name of Item Production Farmers engaged
Eri Cut Cocoon 23,500 Kg. 6540 Nos.
Muga Raw Silk 200.9 Kg. 79 Nos.
Mulberry Raw Silk 62 Kg. 59 Nos.

Govt. Sericulture Institutions

Name Location Remarks
Sericulture Farm Howly Under A.D.S. Barpeta
Mulberry Reeling Unit Howly Under A.D.S. Barpeta
Village Grazing Reserve Noontola Under A.D.S. Barpeta
Collective Mulberry Garden Noontola Under A.D.S. Barpeta
Eri Concentration Centre Nimua Under B.T.A.D.
Eri Concentration Centre Bajegaon Pather Under B.T.A.D.
Eri Concentration Centre Hahchara Under B.T.A.D.
Village Grazing Reserve Hahchara Under B.T.A.D.
Village Grazing Reserve Batiamari Under S.S. Bajali

Labour & Employment

Employment Exchange 1 No.
Registration 9386 Nos. (July'2011)
Placement 22 Nos. (July'2011)
Live Register 81060 Nos. (July'2011)

Employees & Establishments

State Govt. employers 203 Nos. Almost all the employers in the District are using the employment exchange.
State quasi Govt. employers 13 Nos.