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Agricultural Area (2011)

Total area 3,30,000 hectare (3300 sq.K.M.)
Total gross cropped area 323727 hectare
Total net cropped area 176900 hectare

Farming family

Type of family Total Number Percentage
Small 39532 80%
Marginal 103047 80%
Big 29230 80%
Landless 22394 12.36%
Total 194203

Agricultural Units

Agricultural sub-division 3 Nos
A.E.O circle 16 Nos
VLEW Eleka 142 Nos
Field Trial station 1 No
Chronically Flood affected area 31000 hectares

Market Committee (under Assam State Marketing Board)

(1) Howly
(2) Baharihat

Products: The main crops of the district are paddy, wheat, rape, mustard, tea, lentil, green gram, black gram, potato, vegetables. Major horticultural product are banana, coconut, arecanut, papaya, lemon etc. Beside this large numbers of crops are grown in the district which are exported to other districts including Guwahati are tomato, cabbage, lentils, gourd, cauliflower, brinjal cucumber, pumpkin, ladyfinger, bean etc during peak-season of the vegetables.

This district ranks first in the state in the production of Potato and enjoys a virtual monopoly in production of rabi vegetables.

Veterinary Units

Vety. Hospital 1 No
State Vety. Dispensary 13 Nos.
Block Vety.Dispensary 7 Nos.
Vety. 1st Aid Centre 13 Nos.
Vety. Sub Centre 13 Nos.
Regional A.I.Centre 1 No.
Artificial Insemination centre 4 Nos.
Stock man centre (ICDP sub centre) 12 Nos.
Live Stock Farm(including cattle breeding & bull rearing) 1 No.
Poultry Farm 1 No.
Fodder Farm 1 No.

Veterinary Production (2010-2011)

Artificial insemination 34961 Nos.
Calf born by artificial insemination 12,829 Nos.
Milk Production (Un-organised) 1,21,40,302 litres.
Milk Production (Organised) 40,321 litres.
Egg Production 1,01,22,407 Nos.
Fodder Production 53308.9 quintals.
Fodder Seed Production 6700 quintals.

Live Stock Population

Cattle 450029 Nos.
Buffaloes 1556 Nos.
Sheep 132117 Nos.
Goat 235907 Nos.
Horse & Donkey 401 Nos.
Pig 17226 Nos.
Dog 12933 Nos.
Fowl 1106856 Nos.
Duck 503635 Nos.